42 sqm Outdoor Stage Hire

  • This stage is a perfect example of an extremely diverse and effective form of outdoor stage hire. This stage can either be fully built as a 42 sqm stage (plus an additional 4sqm of PA ground support if required). Or it can reduced in depth to still give a great looking stage while not taking up all space on a confined site. Used mainly outdoors this stage gives a 7m Frontage (11m with PA wings). With an optional depth of either 4m or 6.1m.


  • This mobile outdoor trailer stage is built mainly from aluminium and weighs and incredibly light 2600kg displaced over 2 axles, meaning even the most delicate landscaped surfaces will not feel the weight of this unit being placed into position. Once in position the weight is then further distributed equally across 14 structural points allowing an equal floor loading of 300 kg per metre.Plus an additional 350 kg in the roof and 500 kg of flying PA on each wing.


  • This 42m stage has enough room for a 7-man rock band, 30 singers or a 15-man big band. The outdoor stage can open and be angled from either side. The sloping roof design ensures all rainwater runs off the rear of the stage.


  • The build time of this outdoor stage is around one hour with one crew member increasing to 90 minutes with one crew member if PA wings are required. Build times are approx and are based on the stage being in position.
  • The stage has a variety of branding options for longer tours or roadshows the roof and side curtains can be changed to incorporate colour schemes and can also be branded. For single one off events PA wings can be branded with mesh as too can the back wall.

Download full stage tech specs below:

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